Amazon has implemented new review display restrictions, limiting the number of reviews shown to a maximum of 100 for each filter applied. Our tool can now collect up to 500 reviews. Raising this limit by using the 'keyword' filter.

This is a simple and reliable tool for exporting product reviews from Amazon.

Works on all Amazon Marketplaces. Get reviews from any amazon platform worldwide!

 No more cut and paste reviews!  Hours of work now done in seconds!  With Amazon Review Downloader simply go to any product page copy url and paste it on exportcomments.com and all reviews will be downloaded in a Excel file.  You can open this with any excel application or even with google sheets.  

If you want more informations about what fields are included in excel file check out Features page.

Step 1: Go to any Amazon PRODUCT page and copy the url .

Url structure should be like this one: https://www.amazon.com/product/product-reviews/B000000000/

Step 2: Paste copied URL on exportcomments.com  and click on "START EXPORT PROCESS".  All reviews will be downloaded into an Excel file

Results are based on filters selected on Amazon review page.
Amazon Review Exporter works inclusive with other Amazon domains.

We provide many features you can use.

  • Download reviews from Amazon product listing to Excel/CSV
  • Export as XLSX (Excel Document) include all 'Read reviews that mention'
  • Download reviews images and videos
  • Filter by keywords
  • All reviews filters

Good luck.